Thursday, January 31, 2013


Like a Virgin is the second album of MADONNA released by SIRE RECORDS on November 12, 1984.  But re-released worldwide in 1985 with the inclusion bonus track, "INTO THE GROVE". 

Photo credit to MAD EYES

But the two songs "LIKE A VIRGIN" and "MATERIAL GIRL" made MADONNA an icon for a DANCE-POP.

Photo credit to WIKI

Growing up with these songs made me more reflective of these ideas and the mixed emotions of growing and living life as what makes these songs more complicated and complex.

The controversial performance of "Like a Virgin" during the Blond Ambition World Tour in 1990,
where she simulated 
masturbation onstage.
This performance was seen as a ground-breaking point in Madonna's career.
Photo and caption credit to WIKI

Critics and intrigues hit the airwaves and televisions, talking about her sexual life and how indecent she is.  But then she never gives up; for everybody is a CRITIC.

Controversies makes MADONNA more STANDARD and PRECISE.  As a POP MUSIC QUEEN her contribution to MUSIC and DANCE cannot be compared to anyone.  

And her great transformation as a person is what I love more from her.

Photo credit to MADONNA
Her ongoing commitment to support orphans and vulnerable children in poverty that hit MALAWI made her more inspiring.

Material Girl and LIKE A VIRGIN as what we called her but she has the heart that make us DANCE for JOY and POP our HEART and BE THANKFUL for.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Beginning

My First Dance in our school


Don't have any idea with this performance. What is happening to me here?  I don't have any recollection of this photo being taken.

All I remember I have to move my hands and feet and do the ADODODO ADADADA thing.        

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Start

I start dancing at the age of five(5).  Every time we have a family reunion or a simple gathering at my Grandpa's house my relatives will usually say, " JYYLLEE its time for you to DANCE".

As far as I remember TOP DANCE song of that year 1981 is PHYSICAL by OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN.


Well, I am young and I am physically active. I kick so high, I split and do my routine.  For me that is dancing.  I am freely expressing myself by way of throwing my hands, feet and at the same time my body. I don't count steps by step, I have my own choreography.  

Too funny, yeah its true even my Aunts and Uncles will tell me I will be a GOOD DANCER someday. And yes they're right!  A Dance Choreographer in High School and in College, I am the VICE-PRESIDENT/CHOREOGRAPHER of the ATENEO DANCE TROUPE.

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